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Color Dyes in the Laundry


I wash EVERYTHING - and dry clean nothing :-) I am frequently asked how I handle my new fabrics, so I thought it was about time I shared a few thoughts. When I bring a fabric home, it goes right to the serger and I serge the edges. If you don't have a serger, just zig-zag the edge so it will not fray in the washing machine. Then I wash like colors in the washing machine - regular wash (not gentle) - on cold. I do not overfill the machine, as you need plenty of water to float off any dyes that may come out of the fabric. I use Color Catcher sheets any time I am washing a new fabric. I tear the sheets in half and use several sheets (maybe 3-4 sheets = 6-8 pieces) especially if I am washing reds, blues or purples as they tend to lose more color. The sheets are a bit pricey, but you can air-dry them and reuse them several times - there is always a pile drying on the windowsill in my laundry-room.  I do not use fabric-softener, but instead pour a little white vinegar (maybe a 1/4 cup?) in the dispenser of the washer so it is released during the rinse cycle. The vinegar does 2 things: it will help to set the dyes in the fabrics and it helps to remove any laundry soap residue that might still be in the fabric. I do not use any type of anti-static sheets, etc in the dryer - you won't need them when you use the vinegar. You can find the Color Catcher in almost any grocery or supermart - somewhere in the laundry aisle, but not necessarily any place logical - just keep looking!






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